Wednesday, June 12, 2013

UESeNews #60 June 12, 2013

Dates to remember:

June 13 – Last Day of School/ Half Day
August 26 – First Day of School

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+Last Day of School
+UES Summer Hours
+Recycled Paper earns money for UES
+Summer Reading Lists
+Check out UCFSD eBackPack

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Last Day of School is Thursday June 13th; Dismissal is 12:10 PM
Modified Kindergarten - AM- 8:55-10:20 / PM- 10:40-12:10

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UES will operate on a 4 day work week from June 24 - August 2. The school
will be open Monday through Thursday during this time period and there
will be no evening activities in our building. Office hours will be Monday
through Thursday between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. All buildings will be closed
Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Recycle all your paper at the Unionville Post Office. Every pound of paper
that is retrieved from the 2 green and yellow recycling bins at Unionville
Post Office raises money for Unionville Elementary! All you have to do is
recycle - newspapers, magazines, junk mail, school papers, workbooks,
folders, office paper, paperback books. Please tell your friends and
neighbors too.
No cardboard or other recycling please - the bins are just for paper!
Unionville Elementary and the environment thank you!!!

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Need suggestions for summer reading for your kids? Check out the summer
reading list on the UES Website:
(Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

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Check out the UES PTO webpage for UCFSD Community Events by clicking on
the GREEN eBackpack.
(Make sure that you allow your browser to view NOT secure items.)
You can find information on Summer Camps, Althletics, Community Events,
and Miscelaneous.

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