Friday, August 23, 2013


Dear Parents and Guardians:

The summer, as we know it, is almost over. This weekend will be the last
one before kids are back in school on Monday -- and the last one without a
day surrounded by school for a long time. We have been preparing and we
are ready to see our hallways and classrooms full once again. There is
nothing like the excitement of the first day of school -- and it is just
as thrilling for us as it is for your children.

Like many of you, I remember well the feeling of these waning days of
summer. It was a mixture of excitement about what was to come and
resignation at what was being left behind. The smell of chlorine was
replaced with the pungent scent of pencil shavings. Toes that had spent
months unrestrained were stuffed into socks and shoes! New school
supplies and a haircut were part of the drill in my home. However,
nothing said 'school is starting' like the reappearance of the alarm
clock! Once I saw my old nemesis I knew -- for certain -- that it was a
done deal.

Times have changed and now I spend my summers at school getting ready for
the first day, the first week, and the months that follow. I walk through
empty hallways and past pristine and vacant classrooms. The quiet is
deafening in July but by late August it is the norm. However, the
teachers came back this week so things are abuzz -- and the anticipation
is building. Monday it all changes…..the kids will be back!

Take time this weekend to savor the last hours of summer. Enjoy a
barbecue or a baseball game or a bike ride with your kids. Laugh and
listen and let them know how you felt on the first day of school when you
were their age. Make sure the camera has batteries and that the cell
phones are charged…..and then remember to set YOUR alarms!


John Sanville

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